The Bentley Bath Story

George Bentley of Bentley Baths

Bentley Baths began in 2003 when George’s life took an unexpected turn. George’s mother, Sara, fell in a traditional tub and broke her hip. She was healthy and vivacious then, and her injury caught everyone completely by surprise. Sara’s health spiraled downward from there – hospitals, medications, complications, and eventually a nursing home – in what George now knows is a very common pattern. As a direct result of her injuries, Sara died in that nursing home in 2004.

After this tragedy, George’s father Earl, age 85 at the time, made it perfectly clear that he would never enter a nursing home. George’s challenge was clear: how could he help his father age safely in his home for the rest of his life? George now had a new mission and a deep personal passion for finding the solution to the challenge.

Not much help was available so George set out to learn all he could. After ten years of extensive research and study, George has become one of the most experienced safety and aging-in-place consultants working with seniors and their families, earning the designations of an Aging in Place Home Specialist and Certified Environmental Access Consultant. He and the team at Bentley Baths are committed to helping people thrive at home for life!

Who is George Bentley ?