Bentley Baths Walk-In Bathtubs

Our goal is to make bathing safer, more affordable and more allow senior citizens and elderly people with disabilities to be more independent.

Bentley Baths Walk-In Bathtubs are manufactured to the highest standards and are some of the finest quality tubs you’ll find in the US today.  Installation is quick, clean and you’ll appreciate the professional and friendly installation from start to finish.  Every installer is meticulously trained in the latest installation techniques and customer service.  Most of the Bentley Bath Walk-In Baths can be installed in a couple of days depending on the degree of demolition required.

Choose Bentley Baths for your Walk-In Bathtub, a family owned and operated business with over 10 years of experience installing the best walk-in bathtubs.

Swan Walk-In Bathtub


Trumpeter Swan Walk-In Bathtub


Emperor Swan Walk-In Bathtub


Golden Swan Walk-In Bathtub


Bentley Baths Transition Bathtubs

The Bentley Baths Transition Bathtubs is specifically engineered to handle direct transfers into the bathing well. Unlike walk-in appliances, this means there is no standing area in the tub, and the bather reclines in the bath. Bentley Baths has researched and carefully selected the best transition bathtubs available in the market and chosen the Great Heron, Blue Heron, and the more compact Small Heron model as our transition line of tubs.

Great Heron Slide-In Bathtub


Blue Heron Slide-In Bathtub


Small Heron Slide-In Bathtub


Bentley Baths Low Level Bathtubs

Bentley Baths low level Bathtubs are designed for easy entry and relaxed soaking.

Crane Low Soak Bathtub