Bentley Baths Emperor Swan Line

As the name implies, our Bentley Baths Emperor Swan walk-in tub models are one of a kind and represent the widest, deepest, longest walk-in bathtub in the market. These walk-in bathtub models are recommended specifically for those with a larger body size or those who just want a walk-in tub with extra room to bathe. With two huge sizes, our 36″W x 60″L and slightly more compact 35″W x 55″L footprints, both offering a generous 40″ depth, the large and luxurious Emperor Swans can hold a person weighing up to 500 pounds. The inward swinging door that is the hallmark of our Swan Walk-in Bathtubs has a width that is an amazing 25″ to guarantee the perfect safety tub and accessible bath for larger people. The Emperor Swan walk-in tub can be specified with the same ADA safety and luxurious features as our standard models.

Remember, Bentley Walk-in Baths can offer you appliances that are wider, longer, or higher, depending on your unique needs.

Golden Swan