Our Exclusive Heron Transition Bathtub

The Bentley Baths Slide-in / Transition product line permits full soaking and the relaxing, healthful benefits of full body water bathing and it can also include Bentley Baths exclusive Medical Hydrotherapy® systems! The previous “chore” of bathing can turn into an amazing event that is life-altering for our customers with severe mobility challenges. Also, you now have a bathroom designed to support independent living and aging-in-place.

The Bentley Baths Heron product line is specifically engineered to handle direct transfers into the bathing well. Unlike walk-in appliances, this means there is no standing area in the tub, and the bather reclines in the bath. Bentley Baths has researched all the products in the market and has chosen the Great Heron, Blue Heron, and the more compact Small Heron model as our transition line of tubs. The Bentley Baths Great Heron was engineered to help address the more severe mobility issues cause by age or injury, as well as the heart-breaking problems facing many veterans returning from war with major injures and mobility related issues. Our manufacturing philosophy is to “over engineer” these amazing bathtubs. They are built to last a lifetime and are military grade!

Second, unlike more expensive the European-made models imported through Canada with cumbersome door mechanisms or the lower quality slide-in tubs with problematic door mechanisms, our line is assembled, jetted and plumbed with fully ADA compliant accessories and the very highest quality therapy systems that qualify as our exclusive Medical Hydrotherapy®. Finally, our product line has superior engineering and usability for our customers. Every product in our transition line is built with high grade stainless steel framing and high quality fiberglass shells. Both European and other American competition is actually made with exposed wood frames or aluminum, have high incidences of leaking or other engineering problems, or are available with only “lift” hinged doors that require significant strength and leverage to lift and open. Other institutional products are ugly, mechanical, and require extensive maintenance. A Bentley Baths Heron is beautiful and easy to use. The Blue Heron provides safety and ease for caregivers.

Blue Heron Line