Bentley Baths Swan Line

In the Swan Line models, the 3052 “straight door” and its sibling, the 2952 “curved door”, are our super stars. Like all Swan line models, the Bentley Baths Swan 3052 line of appliances offer bathers a choice of door swings with the added benefit of a full 40″ depth. The most critical dimension on any walk-in appliance is the height from the top of the seat to the overflow. This height determines the depth of your soak. These Swans boast a more generous sidewall depth of 40″, giving our customers who like deep soaking an extra two inches to enjoy.

NOTE: Be warned – there are other cheaper tubs on the market that claim to have a 40″ sidewall, but Bentley Baths is the only company to actually custom install our ADA overflows to the maximum height. Other 40″ tubs are drilled with the overflow at the same height as shorter tubs!

The fully ADA compliant seat height of 17″ and Bentley Baths exclusive easy to use “J” and “long throw” door closing mechanisms are popular with people who suffer from arthritis and other joint issues. The doors are designed to offer a wider top opening for easier access for larger bathers. The Swan 3052 line is a solid choice to consider.

Trumpeter Swan