Bentley Baths Trumpeter Swan Line

Some people like to “go deep” in their walk-in bath. The Bentley Baths Trumpeter Swan walk-in tub offers full immersion while sitting and maintains easy transfer. For people of larger body sizes, taller frames, or those who enjoy a deep soaking environment, the Trumpeter Swan is the answer. Our Trumpeter Swan is the only inward swinging door tub designed with a industry leading 46″ deep sidewall! This model is constructed on the same 1¾” stainless steel framing and high quality fiber glass shell specifications as all our Swan Line models, but is much, much deeper. In fact, the Bentley Baths Trumpeter Swan model is the deepest walk-in tub on the market – bar none! We offer both left and right hinged doors for ease of installation and a footprint of 30″W x 55″L x 46″D. Remember, the Bentley Bath Trumpeter Swan walk-in bathtub adds a full 8″-10″ to your soak,the deepest and most comfortable bathing well in the industry.

Emperor Swan