Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a walk-in tub cost?


Often this question is arising from a lack of knowledge as to what is the best investment option for you, and a fear that someone will “sell” you an inferior product at an inflated price. At Bentley Baths, we will honestly educate you and give you the information you need, no matter what you decide to do. We can source virtually any product in the market and meet or beat any price, apple-to-apples.

The honest answer is your cost will always be driven by the quality of the equipment and fixtures supplied, the extent and quality of construction and remodeling performed by the contractor; and, the amount of money allocated by the company to pay their marketing and advertising. For example, we can often make a bathroom 100x safer for under $100. Cost should be driven by the outcome that is best for you.  You can buy a cheap Chinese or unknown quality tubs ranging from around $3,000, to as high as $9,000, or more. You can expect to spend from $2,000-$10,000 for a generalist handyman to install. So, most walk-in tub installations will range from $8,000-$14,000. At Bentley Baths, our highest quality products, exclusive equipment and state of the art installations will rarely fall outside that range. Most national companies will charge between $15,000-$18,000 (often more) for lower quality equipment and installations, primarily because they spend millions of dollars on mass media advertising.

The real question is: Without regard to your budget, are you getting the best outcome for you and value for every dollar you are investing?  At Bentley Baths, we have worked for 15 years to develop high quality options for every budget. As we often say, “From Medicaid to mansions, we have a solution for you!”


How do Bentley Baths therapy systems differ from others?


Exclusive ALL NATURAL pain management and age-defying therapeutic processes set us apart from every other company out there – BAR NONE. For many years we have researched and developed Medical Hydrotherapy®, and more recently, RejuvaDerm MicroOxidation™ and VibraJet™ therapies that are life altering for our clients. We NEVER recommend filthy, unsanitary air or water processes that re-circulate dirty bath water with all the body materials, oils and filth in it. “Jacuzzi” or water jetted systems can be very problematic over time, and often create medical risk, rather than benefit. Some of the most recognizable names are licensing the name to marketing companies to sell walk-in tubs. They do not provide the knowledge and quality you deserve to maintain your health and slow the aging process.

So, no matter whether you are young or old,  a professional athlete or a senior dealing with medical and age related conditions, Bentley Baths will not only install the very best and most appropriate therapy processes for you. We will also show you exactly how to use that therapy to realize the very highest return on investment  – giving your body the help it needs to heal itself. Don’t end up with a useless, and potentially dangerous “Jacuzzi-type bubble tub.” You can enjoy a medically appropriate Bentley Bath therapy system in your home, 24/7, for the rest of your life. Oh, your doctor will almost certainly prescribe your Bentley Bath because they know the power of the ALL NATURAL pain management Bentley Medical Hydrotherapy® offers their patients.


Will I get cold or impatient waiting for my Bentley Bath to fill and drain?


If you own a Bentley Bath – NO! Just relax with the knowledge that your Bentley Bath Walk-in Therapy Tub will maximize your home’s unique fill and drain capabilities. You are bathing in a tub that has to fill and drain while you are in it! With a Bentley Bath, you are most often going through this process to enjoy your Medical Hydrotherapy® treatment! We have master engineered the water movement process to fill and drain your Bentley Bath as quickly as possible. And, this is important, NATURALLY.

Drain and fill times are a process of engineering… math. Water pressure, and flow capacity of your unique water and plumbing lines will determine the time to fill and drain your tub.  PERIOD.

When you hear customers complaining “it takes too long to fill my walk-in tub”, that is because the plumbing installed by the walk-in tub company is not engineered to maximize flow capacity. Our custom valves and drains systems will fill and drain your tub in the least amount of time possible, given your existing systems. In over 15 years, we have had virtually no complaints about fill and drain time.

BE AWARE – claims of rapid drain times can be misleading, possibly dangerous .When you hear companies talking about a “1 Minute Drain” or “2 Minute Drain”, inquire whether they are using a pump to artificially force water into the water lines under high pressure. Back to the engineering, I can increase pressure and increase flow by installing a high pressure “pony pump” on the waste line. When I do, I also increase the pressure along the entire waste line. Your existing waste system was engineered to work with gravity creating the pressure. These “sales gimmicks” can create back flows, or even connection failures in your existing waste system.

Just remember – If you want ANY feature that ANY company offers to sell you (heated seats, mini bidets, umpteen leveling legs, a bazillion jets, chromatherapy, aromatherapy, blah, blah, blah), Bentley Baths can provide the HIGHEST QUALITY of that same feature as well. However, we will always do our best to educate you first, so you don’t waste money on a feature that will not bring you value, and so you get the exact features that will be life altering for you. YOU can decide. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!