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    After 20 years researching accident prevention and the benefits of walk-in bathtubs, George Bentley’s passion and experience have put him in the best position to be your go-to expert for all things total home and lifestyle wellness. If you’re not sure what kind of tub, shower, or modifications are right for your home, ask George, our Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist, and he’ll be happy to help!

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    George Will Help You Decide

    If you need help deciding on the right tub, shower, or other home accessibility options, George Bentley has the knowledge and experience you can depend on. At Bentley Baths,

    • We Know Your Needs Are Unique

      Our trained and compassionate experts are available to listen, educate, and if appropriate, offer a solution that fits your needs and budget.

    • We Know How to Evaluate Your Circumstances

      As part of this personalized evaluation process, a Bentley Bath representative will evaluate your current bathroom, learn more about your needs, and give you a chance to learn everything you want to know to make a fully informed decision.

    • We Know Knowledge Is Power

      Whether you buy from us or a competitor, it’s important to be well-informed, so you can make the best decision for your needs. Your health and safety are the first priority in this evaluation.


    Deciding on a walk-in tub solution is a deeply personal choice. Hear what others have to say about the choices they made.


    • The best size tub for you
    • The best style tub for you

    • The best tub functions for you

    • The best tub features/price for you


    • Soaker Tubs

    • Air Tubs

    • Whirlpool Tubs

    • Bariatric Tubs


    Living Safely in Their Own Home is Possible For Most People.
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