Wellness: Even the most active adults, as young as their 30’s, experience aches and pains as a part of aging: old sports injuries, osteoarthritis and a host of other painful symptoms threaten to keep us from the activities we love most. Medical Hydrotherapy®TM solutions are an effective and holistic method for keeping fit and agile, as well as safely managing pain.

Safety: Every 15 seconds, an older adult is admitted to an emergency room from an injury sustained from a fall and every 30 minutes, such a fall results in death. An aging body does not heal in the same manner as a young body. Waiting until a fall could cost you your hard-earned autonomy. Investing in a safe bathroom can make all the difference.

Financing available: Many of our products are covered by Medicaid and VA. In addition, we offer affordable 100% financing with monthly payments as low as $100. Some products are also eligible for tax deductions.

Free Guide: If you haven’t yet, download our free guide: Five Things You Should Know Before Buying a Walk-In Bathtub. Whether you buy from us or someone else, this invaluable guide will give you the inside information you need to make the right choice.

All walk-in tubs are not created equal. We pride ourselves on being industry leaders with heart who will help you find the perfect fit for your needs and your budget. Contact one of our representatives today to learn more about our life-saving products. No hard sell, just honest information. You owe it to yourself.