Separately Plumbed ADA Compliant Shower Systems

As with thermostatic protection, we always recommend plumbing our walk-in and slide-in therapy tubs with separately plumbed shower systems to allow the bath filler and the shower head to flow independently of one another (this is actually an ADA guideline). This allows the bather to simultaneously fill the bath while operating the shower. Again, as safety is our priority, separating the bath water from the shower water allows the bather to bathe in safety, with less fear of being shocked or scalded. This is different than the traditional bath/shower systems which use a diverter to divert the water from the bath to the shower allowing for minimal control of water temperature and the possibility of injury. Our dual-valve shower systems and optional wall-mount slide bar are ADA compliant, easy to use, and provide safety from scalding.

ADA Approved Shower Curtain Track

An ADA compliant Shower Curtain system can be designed to fit any installation. These products are used in hospitals and provide optimal safety for the bather. Any feature in the bathroom that can distract the bather from stabilizing themselves can be a risk factor. Easy glide ADA shower “track system” shower rods help eliminate this risk.

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