“Shock and Scald” Protection

Most people do not think about cold water shock or hot water scalding as a major source of injury while bathing. However, it is one of the most common forms of bathroom injury, second to falls. Traditional baths do not protect the user from this possible injury. Bentley Baths does through the use of a range of customer appropriate Thermostatic Mixing Valves. These valves maintain and limit the blending of cold and hot water to a desired, pre-determined temperature. They ensure you never receive water temperatures that could injure you. Temperatures can be adjusted for safety and comfort and for maximum health benefit when using hydrotherapy. The bather can bathe comfortably knowing that the temperature will never flow above the pre-set maximum. Bentley Baths strongly recommends installing a “true” Thermostatic Mixing Valve for all residential installations, and we require it for commercial installations, such as assisted living centers and nursing homes.

Deluxe Package with easy to use TMV

Deluxe Package with easy to use TMV

Access is easily within reach

Beautiful and Safe

Bentley Baths EXCLUSIVE NEW Bather Controlled Thermostatic Mixing Valve!

Bentley Baths engineers are constantly looking for and designing the very highest quality and best products and solutions for our customers. We are excited to offer our exclusive full ¾” rapid flow thermostatic mixing valve. This unique valve combines the work of the dual valve system into one easy to control set-up. With an amazing 19 gallons per minute of mixed water, this valve will run both the shower and the filler spout simultaneously, and directly from the deck of the tub.

Rapid Flow Benefits

Bentley Baths Exclusive Filler Valve Options

A. American Standard ½” Flow Valves

The plumbing industry standard in the United States is to plumb bathtubs, including walk-in baths, with ½” flow valves. This has been the standard in the US since the advent of indoor plumbing. Valve flow rate was never a big issue when used with a single head shower, or a standard bathtub that can be filled before entering. As a result, when the safety bathtub industry began to evolve, most walk-in bathtub suppliers and Chinese factories selling into the US market automatically installed standard ½” flow valves (See, Valve “A”, picture). Here’s the kicker, to help maintain water pressure throughout municipal water supply systems, American valve manufacturers long ago began to reduce this flow even further. We routinely see openings as small as ¼”. Valve “A” in the picture has a male threaded ½” coupling and is classified as a ½” valve. However, notice the reduction to ¼” in the interior of the valve housing. (Valve “A”, red circle). This valve is intended to flow 2-5 gallons per minute. NOT GOOD! With deeper walk-in bathtubs, I have seen these valves take upwards of 17 minutes to fill a tub. These valves are the least expensive and most readily available on a walk-in tub. At Bentley Baths, we will not install these valves.

B. Bentley Deluxe ¾” Flow Valves

Handheld Safety Shower

Our exclusive high quality Deluxe Flow Valves feature a male ¾” threaded coupling, and most often a stainless steel case. A male coupling on the valve case means the interior dimension of this valve is slightly less than ¾”, however, our high quality Deluxe valves minimize this restriction, and will easily flow 7-12 gallons per minute (See Valve “B”, red circle). Our Deluxe Level Plumbing Package, with deck mounted fixtures flowing hot and cold water separately, will minimize fill time in most applications. MUCH BETTER. This is the lowest level valve package Bentley Baths will supply when budget requires a lower investment level.

C. Bentley Custom ¾” Flow Valves

standard lower flow ½, walk-in tub, walk-in therapy tubs– Remember, the standard lower flow ½”, see “A” valves, on most other walk-in tubs will look just like our Bentley Deluxe Valves when installed on the tub! In this case, LOOKS ARE DECEIVING.

Simply the best!! Bentley Baths custom valves guarantee the highest quality true ¾” valves capable of delivering an impressive 22 gallons per minute of flow – per valve! These amazing valves feature a full ¾” female coupler, and are NOT RESTRICTED! (See Valve “C”, red circle in picture above). This means a full ¾” inside dimension flowing straight through the valve. With our fully ADA compliant Custom Valve Package and our matching ¾” Custom TMV, each flow valve can easily supply the filler and shower systems simultaneously (this feature meets an ADA requirement). The Bentley Custom Valve Package reduces fill-time to the absolute minimum, and increases your ability to bathe independently or stay at home with care giving.

Rapid Drain Benefits

Bentley Baths Industry Leading

ADA Bathtub Compliant Drain Systems

Drain time is the opposite of the fill time issue in a walk-in bathtub… the bather must wait for the tub to drain before getting out. Bentley Baths specifies ADA compliant and rapid flow drains on all our tubs. Many models come with single, rapid flow cable operated drains, some have dual drains, and our largest tubs can even have dual large drains. This means your Bentley Walk-in Therapy Tub or Bentley Transition Therapy Tub can empty in 3 minutes, OR LESS!

Opeated Popup Drain

Dual Drain System

Bentley Baths

EXCLUSIVE NEW Cable Operated Pop-up Drain!

Bentley Baths is proud to introduce the new Bentley Power Drain. This amazing drain, a Bentley Baths exclusive, allows even the largest walk-in bathtub to drain in no time at all. Strong and reliable brass fittings, unheard of brass housings, and a lifetime warrantied stainless steel cable make this the largest, most reliable drain in the market – bar none! With large drain capacity, no walk-in tub can drain faster.

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