RejuvaDerm MicroOxidation Therapy™

Our RejuvaDerm MicroOxidation Therapy™ System, available on all of our tubs, is a revolutionary therapy technology that actually helps skin to regenerate itself

by generating very small bubbles that penetrate skin pores, wash away waste products, and help skin cells absorb the maximum amount of oxygen possible, thereby enhancing metabolic health and growth and encouraging the release of toxins!

This revolutionary treatment clears the skin by exfoliating and removing impurities within skin pores, at the same time lightening superficial skin imperfections and pigmentation spots and naturally blending them into your own natural skin tones. By cleansing, hydrating, revitalizing, and tightening your skin, our RejuvaDerm Microbubble Therapy™ system will immediately allow you to see a reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, along with improved, moisturized skin elasticity, all resulting in truly rejuvenated and radiant skin.