Most of our customers are fairly mobile and can benefit from a true “walk-in” appliance.

The general criteria for using a walk-in bathtub is that the bather be capable of taking one or two steps (with or without assistance). They need to stand on one leg and raise the other foot the height of a standard stair step (usually about 5″-7″), and then shift their weight to that other leg while moving the original foot into the walk-in bathtub.

The walk-in tub product solution category, what we refer to as our Swan line, represents the broadest range of options and sizes for safety tubs with inward swinging doors.

There are many, many variations on the product theme! At Bentley Baths, Walk-in Therapy Tubs, we assure you and your family that you are investing in the very highest quality possible. All our products are manufactured to our specifications. We also manufacture our customized line, and can, therefore, provide you access to any product solution you desire.

The inward swinging door permits ease of access for independent bathers, even those requiring walkers or other stabilization equipment.

The low threshold and ADA compliant seat height of a full 17″ make it the most appropriate design. We offer a full range of options from fully ADA compliant solutions to partially ADA compliant, to less expensive American standard plumbing accessories.

safety stepupLow Step‑In

Effortlessly enter and exit your bath with our low step‑in threshold. Embrace your independence and feel secure each time you bathe.


safety wide doorExtra Wide Door Opening

Easily enter and exit your tub, worry-free. Our extra wide doors are a trademark of Bentley Baths and designed to make our clients feel at ease and secure.


safetypg-controlsEasily Accessible Controls

Create a relaxing oasis with our easy to reach hand controls. Whether you like vibra-jets™, air bubbles, or ReJuveDerm™, one thing is certain, any of our medical hydrotherapy® modalities will relax you and bring you back to rejuvenated health.

safetypg-handleComfort Hold Handrails

Our handrails are designed with YOU in mind. Your security and comfort are paramount to Bentley Baths. It is for this reason that we position our handrails where they will be most easily accessed to provide you with the safety you deserve.