Veteran’s Appreciation

Bentley Wellness Technologies , through its subsidiaries Bentley Baths and inPower Home Solutions, provide modifications throughout the home to help veterans achieve safety, autonomy and all natural relief from pain.

The Bentley family is very grateful for all of our nation’s veterans. If we can help you or a loved one with a home modification, we’d like to offer you your choice of a FREE Medical Hydrotherapy® tub upgrade or 10% off your entire home modification project.

Veteran’s Appreciation

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The Veterans’ Administration provides 3 types of grants for veterans to enable them to make home modifications to accommodate for disabilities connected to their military service or for disabilities resulting from aging.  These are the Home Improvement and Structural Alteration or HISA Grant, the Specially Adapted Housing or SAH Grant and the Special Home Adaptation or SHA Grant.  Of these 3 grants, the HISA Grant is the most appropriate for the elderly because the grant is not limited to those individuals with service-connected disabilities.

Grant Checklist

Other Options

Veterans should be aware that there is also assistance for veterans in the form of Veterans-Directed Home and Community Based Services and the Aid and Attendance Program.