George Bentley has researched accident prevention and the benefits of walk-in Bathtubs for over 15 years.

George’s passion and experience can be found in the quality and performance of the bathtub selection available from Bentley Baths.

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Bentley Baths provides industry leading hydrotherapy walk-in bathtubs

Helping families across the United States of America for over 10 years

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Complete Client Focus

When your looking at Walk-In Bathtubs, Bentley Baths should be at the top of your list.  With years of knowledge and advice, professional and efficient installation and a proven service record from a family owned business grown from personal experience.

You won’t find a more professional and courteous company who’s attention to detail and complete focus on your needs is second to no other walk-in bathtub company.

You’ll get service and support from a hand selected nationwide dealer network but you’ll always be managed by the Bentley family and the exceptional personal service that comes with their name.

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Swan Walk-In Bathtub Custom Backwall Enclosed by Pony Walls
Great Heron Walk-In Bathtub Left TMV Pony Headwall

Pure Safe Relaxation

When was the last time you sank your body into muscle relaxing, sweet smelling, body engulfing hot water bathtub!  You don’t remember?  well its about time you looked at the range of walk-in, slide-in and transition bathtubs from Bentley Baths.  There’s nothing quiet like the feel of hot water and microscopic bubbles massaging your entire body at the end of a heavy day to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.

Feel the aches, the stress and the outside world simply disappear into a distant memory and emerge feeling refreshed and relaxed.  This is how the soothing water jets of a Hydrotherapy bathtub make you feel and Bentley Baths has the best selection and the highest quality bathtubs you’ll find.

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It’s not only the Older Folks

It doesn’t matter how old we are,  we all get aches and pains and the occasional sore muscles and joints.  Its part of life whether you’ve been out for a run around your local parks or just walked the dog for a few miles.  Even the kids get sore from all the daily sports and other activities.

Hydrotherapy helps everyone feel better, more energetic and helps you relax and enjoy life.  We’ve all felt this from the Jacuzzi tubs on the deck to the walk-in hydrotherapy bathtubs in the bathroom.  They all make you feel better.  Bentley Baths has an extensive range of Hydrotherapy Bathtubs and accessories designed to make your life more comfortable and safer.

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Peyton Manning Hydrotherapy
One of the smartest investments I ever made! I have increased the value of my home, lengthened how long I can live here safely, and saved over 30% less than nationally advertised products! On top of that, I have cut down on the expense and danger of blood pressure and pain medications!
P. Bennett
My children insisted that I have one. We couldn’t afford such a luxury, but as they pointed out it wasn’t a luxury as much as it was an insurance policy, and a way to keep me out of a nursing home. I sleep more soundly as I take my baths in the evening. I feel like it has helped the circulation in my feet which have neuropathy. I’m so glad that we bought it. I would recommend it to anyone. I love my Bentley Bath – it is soooo soothing and relaxing. Falling and breaking something completely changes your life and creates a dependency on others. I am glad I didn’t experience a bathroom fall with a likely broken pelvis to learn that!
M. Sharp
I love to bathe and soak in hot water, however, I live alone and bathing became something I never looked forward to because of my fear of falling and hurting myself. Now that I have a beautiful walk-in tub that offers me hydro-therapy benefits, it is hard to get me out of the tub. I am telling all my friends about Bentley Baths.
J. Pennington

So many Wellness and Health Benefits

There are so many wellness and health benefits from a custom walk-in bathtub and hydrotherapy that will make your life safer, easier and can help your overall well being. Bentley Baths walk in bathtubs are ready to help you with you with a free, no obligation, onsite evaluation.

Bentley Baths has head office locations in Denver, Colorado and Charlotte, North Carolina and regional installation and support throughout the country.

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Bentley Baths Denver began in 2003 by George Bentley after an unexpected fall from George’s mother, Sara.  George accepted the challenge of preventing this type of accident and educating people about the solutions available to elderly people.

2 million seniors and mobility challenged Americans fall and injure themselves in traditional bathrooms every year. 20,000 or more will die from these avoidable injuries. We face an epidemic of health and medical care challenges as a result of Baby Boomers turning 65 at the rate of 10,000 per day, and our ability to extend life well into our 90s. For every senior or person facing a mobility or health challenge who desires to live in their own home for life, they must invest in making their home, and specifically their bathroom safe.  This guide to walk in bathtubs will explain in a very personal way how the problem is being ignored, and the price of this ignorance, as well as the practical and life altering technologies in bathtubs and therapy tubs that are available to make our bathrooms safe. The introduction of Medical Hydrotherapy® tubs will also bring a new empowerment to all who read this book as to how we can manage, slow, even reverse age and degenerative health conditions. This is a must read for everyone over 55, or who has a friend or loved one who is dealing with mobility issues and can benefit from the safety provided by a walk in bathtub.