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Become A Bentley Baths Ambassador!

At Bentley Baths, we believe word of mouth is our best form of advertising. Our GOAL is to have 60-70% of our new customers come from word of mouth. That means we need your help! We only enlist ambassadors who are genuinely excited about our products.

About Our Ambassador Program

Benefits if you qualify:

  • Life-long receipt of Ambassador referral fees – Currently $250-$500 for every customer you refer
  • Major Discounts on your project – up to $1,000 or more, depending on your project
  • 10% off any future project or service
  • Membership in our Ambassador Club – support and knowledge from others you share interests with 
  • Publicity and invitation to PR and Ambassador Events 

What we ask in return:

  • Before and after photos (and perhaps video) for our marketing
  • Honest testimonial after completion (possibly videoed) 
  • Willingness to speak with 2-3 new customers who have questions (always subject to your convenience)

Referral Fees – YOU receive $250.00 each time a client purchasing a tub identifies YOU as their referral source. (NO LIMIT and NO EXPIRATION!)

At Bentley Baths, we don’t like gimmicks; we want to exceed our clients’ expectations so that they’re excited to share the information with their friends and neighbors. We’re old-fashioned that way.

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