Did you know that you could be eligible for a tax credit up to $5,000 and federal government support up to $14,000 while staying safe inside your own home? Continue reading the below or watch the video above to learn more.

George Bentley, owner of Bentley Baths, InPower Home Solutions, and Being Young at any age has dedicated his entire life to researching and studying how to help consumers understand how to live a fulfilling, happy, and healthy life. A large part of that research has led to helping those consumers connect with the right products that will enable them to remain young at any age by keeping them safe for longer.

Most people 55 or older are living in the home they plan to stay in. However, as we get older, those homes become more dangerous because they aren’t designed with older generations facing limited mobility, tissue reduction, and stability challenges.

One of the biggest financial threats as we age is a serious illness or injury. Why would you put yourself at risk of tens of thousands of dollars in medical debt when you could put measures in place that will help you avoid serious injury in your own home.

Any kitchen or bathroom remodel project has the potential to make your home more accessible. What’s better? You could actually receive a tax credit for making your home safer. That’s right. You could earn up to $5,000 in tax credits and $14,000 from the Federal Government and Medicaid by installing a walk-in bathtub in your home.

In the above video, George Bentley discusses with Mile High Living how not being able to prevent his mother’s at-home injury inspired him to create Bentley Baths. Additionally, he outlines what you can do to protect yourself or your loved ones that are getting older and how to receive a tax credit when making your home safer.

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