In the United States, we tend to think in terms of hot tubs, Jacuzzi tubs, and re-circulating water jetted bathtubs. We need to understand that these are out-dated and medically inappropriate technologies.
Bentley Baths always recommends its exclusive Medical Hydrotherapy® System with its warmed air jetted processes. And, at Bentley Baths we almost never traditional “Jacuzzi” type heated water jetted systems in our accessible therapy tubs. Why?
Bentley Baths routinely recommends our trademarked warmed air Medical Hydrotherapy® therapeutic massage systems and not Jacuzzi water jetted systems in our safe bathing appliances and handicapped accessible tubs because of health and hygiene related issues.
The reason is factually simple, yet medically compelling. Water jetted systems are veritable bacterial cesspools. Please know…this is not sales oriented exaggeration or hype. Water jetted systems that re-circulate the bath water in an individual bather bathtub MUST extract the bath water containing all the body materials, filth, body oils and soaps that are in the bath water. These systems then introduce the contaminated bath water into the piping system to be jetted back into the tub. There is no effective way to sanitize these internal pipes. We all know that we must clean our bathtubs to remove the filth and soap scum that builds up on the sides of our tubs. Imagine if you NEVER scrubbed and disinfected your tub. That is what happens inside the water pipes in these water jetted systems. This filth is then re-circulated from one bather to the next.
Bentley Medical Hydrotherapy® on the other hand, is an ALL NATURAL, hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial application of air jets with check valves versus water jets. Our air jetted systems deliver fresh clear air but water jet systems re-circulate used bathwater from one bather to the next. The air jet system automatically purges itself to promote evaporation of residual water.
Few people realize when you fill a whirlpool bath, sit down for a soak, and lean back to breathe in the warm air,you are exposing yourself to a variety of potentially fatal bacteria and fungi.
While resting in circling warm water that caresses your skin, you breathe in deeply, allowing legionella spores to reach deeply into your lungs. You stretch slowly; unwittingly allowing fecal matter, skin, and other debris left behind from the previous bather to envelope you slowly as you dip your head under the water.
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Bacteria that gather in the piping of whirlpool bathtubs are difficult to remove and can cause serious health problems.
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Air systems are less aggressive for frail and elderly clients and have high and low personal settings for the individual user.