Bentley Baths – Standard Size Walk-in Bathtubs

We have invested years of research and study into helping consumers understand exactly which Bentley Walk-in Bathtub is best for their unique needs. We have created detailed guideline and Assessments to walk you through the mobility, body size, and installation factors that MUST be accurately taken into account before making a purchasing decision. We will always encourage you to ask questions, visualize and assess the right walk-in tub from Bentley Bath for you. Please, don’t buy ANY walk-in bathtub until you have all the information.

Beware of false claims – full ADA compliance is offered by no internet or mass media re-seller to our knowledge. Also, we can design our tubs with either our exclusive air-based Medical Hydrotherapy, water jetted hydrotherapy systems, or dual systems. We offer these options on all our appliances, but STRONGLY encourage customers to think about using only our exclusive Medical Hydrotherapy®. The Swan line offers appliances with generous sidewall heights of 38″-48″, a range of widths from 26″ to 36″, and lengths from 37″ to 60″. Our aging-in-place and safe bathing consultants will help you determine the best size for you, based on your unique needs.

Is a walk-in bathtub with an inward swinging door “the right option”?

Inward swinging door walk-in Bathtub

Most of our customers are fairly mobile and can benefit from a true “walk-in” appliance. The general criteria for using a walk-in bathtub is that the bather be capable of taking one or two steps (with or without assistance). They need to stand on one leg and raise the other foot the height of a standard stair step (usually about 5″-7″), and then shift their weight to that other leg while moving the original foot into the walk-in bathtub.

The walk-in tub product solution category, what we refer to as our Swan line, represents the broadest range of options and sizes for safety tubs with inward swinging doors. There are many, many variations on the product theme! At Bentley Baths, Walk-in Therapy Tubs, we assure you and your family that you are investing in the very highest quality possible. All our products are manufactured to our specifications. We also manufacture our customized line, and can therefore provide you access to any product solution you desire.

The inward swinging door permits ease of access for independent bathers, even those requiring walkers or other stabilization equipment. The low threshold and ADA compliant seat height of a full 17″ makes it the most appropriate design. We offer a full range of options from fully ADA compliant solutions to partially ADA compliant, to less expensive American standard plumbing accessories.

Bentley Baths “Swan” Line Walk-in Bathtubs

Walk-in Bathtub with Beautiful Tile Work

Beautiful Tile Work

Swan Walk-in Bathtub Install with Custom Tile

Swan Install with Custom Tile

The walk-in bathtub models in the Bentley Baths Swan line offer the highest quality marine grade fiberglass shell and a strong industry leading 1¾” tubular stainless steel frame construction. Our appliances are always constructed to meet all IAPMO, UL, and ANSI standards and are the best product solution in the market today for approximately 80% of our customers. We also strive to package your solution to meet or exceed all applicable ADA guidelines whenever possible. Every Bentley Bath Swan appliance is inspected and tested in our factory and additional engineering and structural modifications are made, if needed, to insure every tub meets our high standards.

Bentley Baths “Swan 3052″ Line

Swan 3052 Walk-in Bathtub

In the Swan Line models, the 3052 “straight door” and its sibling, the 2952 “curved door”, are our super stars. Like all Swan line models, the Bentley Baths Swan 3052 line of appliances offer bathers a choice of door swings with the added benefit of a full 40″ depth. The most critical dimension on any walk-in appliance is the height from the top of the seat to the overflow. This height determines the depth of your soak. These Swans boast a more generous sidewall depth of 40″, giving our customers who like deep soaking an extra two inches to enjoy.

NOTE: Be warned – there are other cheaper tubs on the market that claim to have a 40″ sidewall, but Bentley Baths is the only company to actually custom install our ADA overflows to the maximum height. Other 40″ tubs are drilled with the overflow at the same height as shorter tubs!

The fully ADA compliant seat height of 17″ and Bentley Baths exclusive easy to use “J” and “long throw” door closing mechanisms are popular with people who suffer from arthritis and other joint issues. The doors are designed to offer a wider top opening for easier access for larger bathers. The Swan 3052 line is a solid choice to consider.

Bentley Baths “Trumpeter Swan 3055″ Line

Trumpeter Swan Walk-In Bathtub

Some people like to “go deep” in their walk-in bath. The Bentley Baths Trumpeter Swan walk-in tub offers full immersion while sitting and maintains easy transfer. For people of larger body sizes, taller frames, or those who enjoy a deep soaking environment, the Trumpeter Swan is the answer. Our Trumpeter Swan is the only inward swinging door tub designed with a industry leading 48″ deep sidewall! This model is constructed on the same 1¾” stainless steel framing and high quality fiber glass shell specifications as all our Swan Line models, but is much, much deeper. In fact, the Bentley Baths Trumpeter Swan model is the deepest walk-in tub on the market – bar none! We offer both left and right hinged doors for ease of installation and a footprint of 30″W x 55″L x 48″D. Remember, the Bentley Bath Trumpeter Swan walk-in bathtub adds a full 8″-10″ to your soak, the deepest and most comfortable bathing well in the industry.

Bentley Baths “Emperor Swan 3660″ Line

Emperor Swan Walk-In Bathtub

As the name implies, our Bentley Baths Emperor Swan walk-in tub models are one of a kind and represent the widest, deepest, longest walk-in bathtub in the market. These walk-in bathtub models are recommended specifically for those with a larger body size or those who just want a walk-in tub with extra room to bathe. With two huge sizes, our 36″W x 60″L and slightly more compact 35″W x 55″L footprints, both offering a generous 40″ depth, the large and luxurious Emperor Swans can hold a person weighing up to 500 pounds. The inward swinging door that is the hallmark of our Swan Walk-in Bathtubs has a width that is an amazing 25″ to guarantee the perfect safety tub and accessible bath for larger people. The Emperor Swan walk-in tub can be specified with the same ADA safety and luxurious features as our standard models.

Remember, Bentley Walk-in Baths can offer you appliances that are wider, longer, or higher, depending on your unique needs.

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