Many well-intentioned modifications fall far short of safety. In fact, choosing the wrong product can be more dangerous than no modifications at all.

Grab bars

ADA compliant grab bars and bather appropriate stabilization throughout the bathroom are imperative in creating a truly safe environment. We strive for strategic placement of grab bars depending on the unique needs of each individual. Entry and exit from the bathing environment as well as weight and stature of the customer are taken into account.

Shower curtain rods

An ADA compliant Shower Curtain system can be designed to fit any installation. These products are used in hospitals and provide optimal safety for the bather. Any feature in the bathroom that can distract the bather from stabilizing themselves can be a risk factor. Easy glide “track system” shower rods help eliminate this risk.

They are not “required” in our private homes, there are no walk-in bathtub companies that we are aware of that adhere to them strictly, but we strongly encourage you to follow them in your bathroom to the greatest extent possible.

As Certified Aging in Place Specialists, Bentley Baths can provide the optimum safety placement of your modifications.

If you haven’t yet, download a free copy of Killer Bathrooms for more details on life-saving bathroom safety.