Home, sweet home.
Haven’t we all uttered this phrase at least once in our lives? However, are our homes really safe when it comes to protecting the aging population? Apart from providing shelter and comfort, a home can turn out to be a risky place for seniors if a number of safety measures are not taken.
Seniors, or today’s Baby-Boomer generation, are in their mid-sixties (and above) with this number on the rise. At this age their physical strength begins to weaken and managing most of their daily activities such as getting around the house or taking a shower become a labor.
Additionally, they may have developed a chronic illness or suffer from a reduced field of vision, making it all the more difficult for them to live life safely in the comforts of their own home. For example, when entering/exiting the shower they may slip where grab bars have yet to be installed OR trip over a loose tile and fall which can lead to serious injury and in the worst case, death.
Other existing hazards such as poor lighting conditions and the absence of staircase railings can lead to a potentially dangerous fall for the aging population in their homes.
This is a matter of concern for seniors, their family, and caregivers. Gaining knowledge to modify the home for these hazards is the best option available for seniors and their loved ones in order to lead a safe and comfortable life in their homes.
For this reason, you can attend a special two-day program lead by George Bentley of Bentley Baths.
You can discuss your concerns with him regarding common safety issues experienced first-hand or by someone you know, but most importantly you will learn life-saving tips. Take hold of this opportunity and learn how to keep you or your loved ones healthy, happy, and independent in their own homes.
Join George at Sun City in the Lobby for a Meet and Greet on the September 28th, 2015 from 8:30am to 11:30am and get a general briefing for his following seminar, Thrive Now, conducted on September 29th, 2015 from 11:00am to 12:00pm in Ballroom A.
There are limited seats, so don’t forget to register early to be a part of the program, and remember to save the date.
See you there!

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George Bentley is an expert author, speaker, aging-in-place specialist, and consumer advocate. A former law professor and radio talk-show host, George is well trained and experienced in the fields of law, business, finance, health and wellness technologies, personal growth, and human development.
Following the death of his mother in a nursing home due to health issues stemming from a fall, George has committed his life to discovering how to prevent this tragedy from happening to others. He writes extensively on safe aging and senior health issues additionally having interviewed and consulted with thousands of seniors, their adult children and caregivers.
George is the founder and CEO of Bentley Wellness Technologies, Inc., the nation’s leading provider of high quality fully ADA compliant walk-in bathtubs, transition tubs, and safe bathing appliances designed to keep seniors living independently in their own homes. He is also the creator of Medical Hydrotherapy®.
He will host a one hour seminar concerning senior safety and issues the aging population currently face in their homes as a part of Fall Prevention Awareness Week from September 23rd to the 29th.