As you age, your home becomes increasingly dangerous to live in. And your bathroom poses one of the largest threats to your safety. Protect your health and well-being by considering a bathroom remodel featuring an affordable walk-in tub. Continue reading the below or watch the video above to learn more. 

George Bentley, owner of Bentley Baths, InPower Home Solutions, and Being Young at Any Age is a walk-in tub expert who’s committed his life to researching and studying how to help consumers understand how to live a fulfilling, happy, and healthy life. Why? He witnessed firsthand how design limitations in his mother’s home created an unsafe environment that led to a fall and a subsequent health spiral.

As a result of that experience, the majority of George’s research has led him to connect people and families grappling with around the clock care or nursing home to products and technology designed to increase safety in the home and foster independence.

Some, however, are under the impression that a bathroom remodel is too expensive (not taking into account the cost of medical bills if an accident were to happen). But in this video, George explains why that isn’t the case in a chat with Mile High Living.

How You Can Afford a Walk-In Tub

George and his team are your best resources for information on:

  • How you could be eligible for a FREE walk-in tub from the Federal Government
  • How you could receive a tax credit up to $5,000
  • What financing options are available
  • How you could save money purchasing a refurbished or factory model
  • How to navigate Medicaid when you want to purchase a walk-in tub

At Bentley Baths, it’s our goal to create a customized solution to meet your needs and budget. Don’t put your safety or the safety of your loved ones at risk. Learn more about how you can maintain or regain independence, live longer and happier, and spend less money while you’re doing it. 

Contact Bentley Baths today to schedule a consultation for your walk-in bathtub installation or bathroom remodel by calling 800-688-0055 or by contacting us through our contact form.