Walk-in tub dangers; No one sees it coming because the danger seems so innocent. A little soap spill on a damp bathroom floor or an off-balanced reach for the wash clock, or maybe just soaking luxuriously for a little too long in the walk-in tub. That’s all it takes to turn a normal, peaceful, comfortable life into a merry-go-round of hospital visits, addicted painkillers, and perhaps even dying alone in a nursing home like my mom. 

I’m George Bentley, and I know it sounds dramatic, but I actually see those situations every day, and I’ve lived through it with my own family and the tragic loss of my beloved mother after she fell in the bathtub and was sent to a nursing home. 

Now, that was 18 years ago, and at that time my dad said, We failed your mom, George. We let her down, but I will never go into a nursing home and I want you to help me make sure that never happens.

That’s why I’ve devoted my life to protecting seniors from the most dangerous 10 square feet on earth, treacherous bathtub and shower. It’s also why I’ve researched accessibility and mobility appliances, cutting-edge health, and anti-aging technologies, and the Americans with Disabilities Act. 

I’ve personally interviewed and consulted with thousands of seniors, their adult children, and caregivers if you think I’m exaggerating about the danger, it’s just the opposite. In fact, I’m downplaying those hazards because if I told you too many of the horror stories I’ve heard, you’d think I was fear-mongering. 

But I’ll give you all the surprising facts and details you need to not only protect yourself but to create your own mini spa, your oasis that can improve your health while you do nothing but soak in the walk-in tub. No one tells you how to obtain these astonishing health benefits, but without them, you’re missing out on soothing pleasure and miraculous healing that doesn’t have to cost you a dime.

It’s all revealed in my free independent living webinar, which you can attend from the comfort of your own home. Register right now and learn how to turn the most dangerous place on earth, your bathroom into an oasis of health and relaxation. 

At this online webinar, you’ll also learn how the safety tips others recommend can actually injure you. 

  • I’ll show you how to sift through the conflicting information so you don’t get ripped off trying to keep yourself super safe and secure. 
  • You’ll learn simple steps that dramatically reduce the chances of being dragged into a nursing home against your will. It’s not just falling that can send you there.
  • I’ll show you how to avoid the hidden dangers caused by the most ordinary of objects. 
  • You’ll receive a list of simple, dirt, cheap changes that you can make to enjoy and beautify your bathroom while making it infinitely safer.

Though you may want to brace yourself as your friends and family will soon come to think about hiding out in the most popular room in the house, your bathroom. Plus, you’ll learn why I think it’s criminal that manufacturers keep making money by selling you dangerous and horribly outdated floor materials, tubs, fixtures, and faucets.

Unless you know this information, you’ll get stuck with equipment, devices, and gadgets that sometimes haven’t changed for over a hundred years.

The facts are that over a million older Americans are hospitalized every year from falls in the bathroom and many millions more fallen injure themselves, but they don’t go to the ER, and it’s not just broken hips that we all hear about. There’s also an epidemic of knee injuries, major head trauma, broken arms and wrists, back injuries, and even water-related burns.

It’s tragic, yet so easily avoidable when you have the lifesaving information I’ll give you for free at this special webinar, which should be mandatory I think, for everyone over the age of 55.

Now, seating is limited, so grab your ticket right here to avoid the nursing home and yourself safe keep while improving your health and enjoying the unexpected pleasures your bathroom has to offer. I’ll see you there