The pangs of getting older can induce a great deal of stress. Factor in a decrease in ease of mobility and increased risk for health issues, and aging gracefully becomes a difficult task. At times, carrying out even the most basic of our daily activities may fall onto the responsibility of caregivers. Dually, we may no longer be as active as we were in our youth and even have said our last farewell to dear friends and family, but we don’t have to let it take a drastic toll on our self-esteem.
Let us take a look at some tips which we can use to boost our confidence in the best years of our life.
shutterstock_2985886911.Take up a new hobby
It can be anything – painting, woodwork, singing, gardening, baking, anything that you like. Having a hobby not only keeps us busy, but also helps to regain our confidence by giving us something to look forward to everyday. Additionally, hobbies have the potential to turn into part-time or full time work–an added bonus which provides a networking opportunity on a regular basis.
2.Talk to your loved ones
Being surrounded with family members and friends can be a morale booster at any age, so make it a point to talk with your loved ones on a regular basis. Exchange the daily happenings in your life and theirs, and there will never be a dull moment! You can invite them to visit for a weekend or holiday, additionally taking a trip yourself occasionally. It can be a refreshing change of pace for you, as well as for them.
3.Embrace the outdoors
As we enter our golden years, we can begin experiencing difficulty getting out of our homes without any assistance– in this case it may be best to become a hobbyist. But what about those of who have remained fit for our age? If you like myself belong to the latter category, then I encourage you to set some time apart for yourself and embrace the outdoors!

  • Go for movies, musicals, or plays at a local theatre
  • Try out a new restaurant or cuisine
  • Join a local library community and take part in community events
  • Go hiking, biking, on nature walks, fishing, bird-watching, or try your hand at photography.

Getting  out into the world can do wonders in boosting our confidence and maintaining a healthy social life.
Support Groups
4.Connect with like-minded people
Joining support groups can be quite helpful if you like to meet new people.  For instance, if you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes, joining a diabetes support group where you can exchange notes and form connections can provide a better perspective about the illness. Alternatively, you can join a group that is specifically meant for those of us who continue living by themselves. Heck, take the initiative to start a group for seniors yourself and share your interests. Imagine all the connections you’ve yet to make and all the lives you’ve yet to change.


5.Become tech-savvy
Gone are the days of we, the “seniors,” who fumble with technology. Today, there are endless, affordable gadgets that don’t require any special expertise to handle. Mobile technology like smartphones, tablets, and the Apple watch can help strengthen our connections to the outside world and help us discover endless possibilities online. We can browse the internet for sales and holiday shopping, chat with loved ones, play games, and install apps that make our daily activities more convenient.
So, don’t just sit on your hands, get up and give these tips a try! Reclaim your lost confidence and discover something new about yourself in the process.
If you happen to have some share-worthy tips on the topic, feel free to let us know through your comments.