George Bentley

George Bentley

In this blog, I discuss Bentley Baths’ newest Pro-Aging™ technology, MicroCleanse™. Our microbubble therapy system provides a revolutionary ALL NATURAL therapy to help skin regenerate itself.
I’m so excited to be able to announce our new MicroCleanse system, available on all of our tubs, to the Bentley Baths community. 

This revolutionary therapy technology actually helps skin to regenerate itself by generating very small bubbles that penetrate skin pores, wash away waste products, and help skin cells absorb the maximum amount of oxygen possible, thereby enhancing metabolic health and growth and encouraging the release of toxins!

Wanted: More Oxygen

MicroCleanse™ system increases skin cell regeneration by stimulating natural collagen production. After the age of 30, skin cell production decreases noticeably. With 70 percent more oxygen than regular tap water, our MicroCleanse™ system increases skin cell regeneration by stimulating natural collagen production. 

For those who suffer from severe dry skin, eczema, psoriasis, or ichthyosis and are experiencing any type of dermatoses such as rashes, itching, and redness, our system will, without any additives, clean and relieve dry, itchy skin by cleansing, exfoliating and rehydrating the skin, providing intense relief with a non-invasive solution in just 20 minutes.  

This revolutionary treatment clears the skin by exfoliating and removing impurities within skin pores, at the same time lightening superficial skin imperfections and pigmentation spots and naturally blending them into your own natural skin tones. 

By cleansing, hydrating, revitalizing, and tightening your skin, our MicroCleanse™ system will immediately allow you to see a reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, along with improved, moisturized skin elasticity, all resulting in truly rejuvenated and radiant skin.

Your body craves water and oxygen.  Therefore, once deeply cleaned, your skin will absorb the maximum amount of oxygen possible, enhancing your skin cells’ metabolic health and growth and encouraging the release of toxins.  Dissolved microbubbles also generate a high level of anions (negative ions), more than 80.000 ions per cubic centiliter.  This attracts positively charged molecules of dander, sebum, and other organic matter.  

Some of the bubbles actually oscillate and implode from increased water pressure giving off significant energy which aids in dislodging organic waste.  In fact, as the bath progresses the warmth of the water will actually rise to a comfortable temperature.  Anions also have a therapeutic effect on serotonin levels that give a feeling of well-being and calm and also provide a deeper level of overall sleep. 

The Science

Microbubbles penetrate skin pores, wash away waste products, and help skin cells absorb the maximum amount of oxygen possible.Microbubbles are bubbles smaller than one millimeter in diameter, but larger than one micrometer.  They have a widespread application in industry, life science, and medicine.  The composition of the bubble shell and filling material determine important design features such as buoyancy, crush strength, thermal conductivity, and acoustic properties.

These very small bubbles have many uses, including in medical diagnostics as a contrast agent for ultrasound imaging.  The gas-filled, e.g. air or perfluorocarbon, microbubbles oscillate and vibrate when a sonic energy field is applied and may reflect ultrasound waves. 

This distinguishes the microbubbles from surrounding tissues.  In practice, because gas bubbles in liquid lack stability and would therefore quickly dissolve, microbubbles must be encapsulated with a solid shell.  The shell is made from either a lipid or a protein such as Optison microbubbles, which consist of perfluoropropane gas encapsulated by a serum albumin shell.

micro-bubbles-3Microbubbles may also be used for drug delivery, biofilm removal, membrane cleaning/biofilm control, and water/wastewater treatment purposes.  They are also produced by the movement of a ship’s hull through water, creating a bubble layer; this may interfere with the use of sonar because of the tendency of the layer to absorb or reflect sound waves.

Simply speaking, microbubbles are just very small bubbles.  To qualify as “micro”, a bubble must, in fact, be less than 1,000 micrometers in size.  However, to be effective when deep cleaning skin, the bubbles should be less than 25 micrometers in size and larger than two micrometers. 

This allows them to penetrate hair follicles and skin pores while not passing through the epidermis.  Our microbubbles are approximately 10 microns in diameter, and since they are smaller than skin pores (which are around 50 microns in diameter) they exfoliate and clean skin pore impurities while removing the fatty acids and bacteria that cause body odor.

The Fountain of Youth

Immerse yourself in a Bentley Baths walk-in tub equipped with our MicroCleanse system and enjoy the feeling of a super oxygenated and effervescent bath with millions of oxygen-rich microbubbles that will make you feel better and look younger by moisturizing and hydrating at the same time.  See immediate results including softer, rejuvenated skin, after only 20 minutes.  Now that’s what I call Natural Pain Relief!
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Stay tuned for the next installment of the Bentley Baths blog, in which I continue the discussion of cutting-edge techniques that are used to help rejuvenate both body and mind as we age.