For five years I’ve invested my time, my money, and my energy in learning about walk-in bathtubs, and what technologies and tubs and manufacturers there are out there. What’s good, what’s bad, and what doesn’t work. And right now, unfortunately, and especially on the internet and through mass media marketing, it literally is a jungle.

The analogy I like to use is we understand cars, if I parked a Yugo, a Chrysler, and a Bentley, you wouldn’t look at those and say they’re all the same, we know that there are differences in quality. When it comes to safe bathing technology, the consumer doesn’t understand the wide range of differences in quality and is subject to being taken advantage of. This particular appliance is an example of a company that’s manufacturing a tub without a frame. Nevertheless, there are some types that are made without a frame.

I’m not an engineer, and I’m not here to tell you that that’s flawed engineering. I am here to tell you that it creates difficulty in the installation and that we’ve had a number of complaints about these particular walk-in bathtubs.

For example, this is a two-piece door. If this tub flexes, shifts, or moves as you get in and out of it over time, filling it with water, climbing it in and out day in and day out. There’s a risk that the tub shell will flex pressure will come around the door. And we have had experiences in the past with these two-piece doors cracking.

The real issue for you as a consumer is the quality of that product, who’s testing it, who’s engineering it, and who’s making sure that those quality control standards are maintained. That is a commitment that we have Bentley as will always honor you and keep.