Micro-capillary systems? today, I’m going to share with you a truly surprising piece of information that I learned about 15 years ago from a cardiologist about how what we’re doing with our medical hydrotherapy has truly amazing benefits that I never imagined

You probably realize that I trademarked what we call medical hydrotherapy almost 20 years ago. This means a therapy process that’s always medically appropriate. It doesn’t matter whether you’re 7, 17, 70, or 170, it is medically appropriate. 

Meaning temperature appropriate sanitary, non-aggressive, whole body massage. 

When I started out, there was no evidence-based medical information, that air therapy systems had medical benefits. There’s a lot of research going on around water-based therapies. 

And your doctor is very likely to prescribe a water-based therapy for you if you’re dealing with arthritis, diabetes, all these things we’re all dealing with. But they’re not going to recommend medical hydrotherapy because it’s not known.

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So in 2006, I started a nurse-supervised medical hydrotherapy program.

Okay, I’m in this and things are going along great, we’re getting huge data back. And one day, one of my customers, a cardiologist gave me a call and he goes, what are you doing? You’re missing the point. And I’m like, oh my God, what was he talking about?

And the first thing he says to me, George, you’re doing some amazing things.

What you’re doing is so powerful for people as we age, because you’re helping our body to naturally heal itself. He said, but what is the circulatory system to you? And I went, it’s the heart, the vein, the arteries, the circulatory system. And he goes wrong. We have our arteries and we have our veins. 

But I wanted you to think about something. What’s the number one leading cause of death in the United States today, I went with heart disease. He goes, right. Why is that? 

I said because we’re plugging up our arteries and everything with gunk. Right, We are dying because we’re plugging up our major arteries with plaque, cholesterol, gunk, and whatever it is.

We do things other than heart surgeries, and valve replacements, but another procedure that’s very common is, is called cardiac stents.

This is a little image of what a cardiac stent might look like.

micro capillary

And I’ve got a buddy, for example, that’s had four stents put in his heart already and he probably needs another one. So this cardiologist says, have you ever heard of the micro-capillary system? He goes, our body, every organ, every inch of our body is covered with this microscopic mesh of tiny vessels.

Our, kidneys would be completely visible because of this mesh of microscopic capillaries, our lungs, and organs. I Can poke you with a pin anywhere on your body, and you’re gonna bleed. Why? because of the micro-capillary system. So what does this got to do with our health and our longevity? 

He says, George, the function of the micro-capillary system is to deliver oxygen and nutrients to the individual cells. That’s why there’s this tight mesh. And I just wanna ask you something. 

What do you think if we’re plugging up our major arteries to the point that people need surgeries and stents and valve replacements on this macro level, the big level, can you imagine what we’re doing to our micro capillaries? Can you imagine how many sections of our bodies and organs are being partially or potentially completely denied nutrients, oxygen, swelling, and neuropathy?

I mean, there are just all kinds of things that can manifest from this. 

And he said, what you’re doing with medical hydrotherapy, this whole body non-aggressive massage process has the ability to help us flush and move these blockages out of our micro-capillary system. 

He said, it is huge, we don’t think about it, we don’t necessarily sever limbs and have surgeries because of micro-capillary blockages, but he just says, George, it’s critical, and it’s significant, and your medical hydrotherapy program is an amazing benefit to help us flush out these processes. 

And then think about what we’re doing to the macro circulatory system, our major arteries, and veins. We are truly helping to flush those out as well with our temperature-appropriate, sanitary, non-aggressive, whole-body massage.