Mini-Bidet – As we went through the pandemic, many people became very focused on sometimes the scarcity of toilet paper. And as a result of the pandemic, the use of bidets as a cleaning feature had become very popular.

Today, I’m going to discuss with you the use and application of a bidet in a walk-in bathtub.

Hi, I’m George Bentley, founder of Bentley Baths Walk-in Therapy tubs. And as you know, I’m a big believer in walk-in bathtubs in the safety that they bring. I’m also a big proponent of the therapy systems and the other health and hygiene benefits that can be experienced from the use of a very high-quality and properly configured walk-in therapy tub. Right.

So today I want to talk about something. I got to tell you, this has been going on for 20 years and I totally don’t understand it. I think some guys sitting in a back room 20 years ago thought this up and it stayed in the marketplace.

So right now, today, there are many specialty name brand companies that will sell you a walk-in bathtub with a feature called A Mini Body. So let’s talk about what a bidet is.

First of all, a bidet is a cleaning process that you use instead of toilet paper or is an adaptation of a standard toilet that applies water to our underside in order to help us clean ourselves. Now, bidets are very efficient.

They’re eco-friendly, and they’re way more effective at sanitation and hygiene than just wiping with regular toilet paper.

All right. So bidets have I think a very strong place in our culture today, and we’re beginning to rely on them more and more. But it’s a cleaning process using water right now.

When we’re these guys came up with the idea of putting an air jet or a water jet in the middle of this seat right under your private parts, and calling this a mini-bidet just blows me away.

First of all, the cleaning process makes no sense because you’re totally submerged in the water already. There’s no reason to have a jet or a nozzle or something to facilitate cleaning your private parts when you’re soaking in a deep soaking bathtub makes no sense.

The other issue is, especially for females, they’re either water or air jets that inject water or air into your private area. Again, there’s absolutely no information or facts that would suggest that this has a medically appropriate cleaning process.

It just doesn’t happen, but it can create some real problems. And I’ve spoken to a lot of women. I’ve actually interviewed a number of gynecologists, and they tell me, quite frankly, just the idea of a jet injecting air or water into that part of a woman’s body or anybody’s body for that matter makes absolutely no sense at all. It’s just kind of crazy.

So I’m telling you right now if you’re looking for a walk-in therapy tub, I think that’s great. If you got somebody that’s promoting the idea that their walk-in tub has a mini-bidet, you might want to chuckle a little bit and head in a different direction.