So you think you’re safe in your bathroom and you know what you’re doing, maybe you’re right. But I’m gonna challenge you to think about the dangers of the six-inch drop.

Hi, this is George Bentley, founder of Bentley Baths walk-in therapy tubs. And as you know, for a long time, I’ve been advocating the fact that we need to be proactive and planning our aging process to make sure that we’re always super safe in our homes and comfortable. But the reality is the environments of our homes, especially built homes were not engineered and designed for us to age.

In fact, most built homes are engineered and designed with the idea that we would be dead by the time we’re 65, we’re not supposed to live this long, but you and I, we’re gonna live to be 95, a hundred, maybe even older, as long as we don’t do something to injure ourselves or create an illness that shortens our life expectancy.

So what am I talking about? This six-inch drop, as we age our legs, our thighs, our upper bodies, everything weakens, and we go through the processes that we’re once safe and can now be dangerous. So I’m gonna show you some examples. The obvious is a lot of people say I can get into my bathtub, but I can’t get out. And that’s a reality. But the fact of the matter is even before you reach the point that you can’t get out of your bathtub, you’re going to start experiencing this six-inch drop. 

six-inch drop

Here are some examples. The fact of the matter is it. I can show you these full videos of people getting in and out of the bathtub, but just the six-inch drop is pretty scary. We reach that point where we simply cannot support our body weight any further. And we just let go. We drop, we have no choice, right? This can be very dangerous, but it’s not just the bathtub. It’s also things like our toilet.

That’s why 88 high toilets are very important. And let me tell you something. As we age, trying to hit a toilet with a six-inch drop can be like trying to drop a closed pin in a milk bottle, right? It can be very dangerous and, and scary. And we just, don’t tend to think about it until something happens. And here’s the big one I have heard of thousands and thousands of people that are going into showers because they reach the point that they realize that they cannot get into and out of their bathtub safely. And what do we do? We’ll put a portable bench or something of that nature in our, in our shower. And here we go, we’ve still got the six-inch drop to deal with. Okay. This is very dangerous, especially in a confined environment with glass and, all the slipperiness of a shower.

So that’s it. I want to keep it short and simple. I just want you to be aware that anytime you begin to feel like you’re experiencing the six-inch drop, you need to do something to change that environment. Get a walk-in therapy, tub, get an ADA-high toilet, and do something so you don’t have to put yourself at risk.